Our Ethos

The activities of Chrysalis School arise out of the impulse of Anthroposophy and are guided by the indications given by Rudolf Steiner for the renewal of education in the 21st century.

The ethos of Chrysalis School encompasses the following:

  1. Anthroposophy. We endeavour that the principles of anthroposophy live within the school. Anthroposophy is the wellspring from which Steiner Education springs.
  2. Community. We support the development of community amongst students, parents, teachers, friends and those involved with the school. We endeavour to integrate our school within the greater Bellingen community.
  3. Respect. We honour and respect the indigenous people, the Gumbaynggirr Nation, and the rights of pupils, parents, employees and stakeholders of the school.
  4. Best practice. We follow current best practice for schooling in accordance with the indications given by Rudolf Steiner and with due consideration to other current educational research.
  5. Professionalism. We are at all times a professional school in all facets of work.
  6. Consensus. We uphold the principles of consensus in the appropriate school forums.
  7. Collaboration. We work in the spirit of collaboration with the various bodies of the school.
  8. Fairness and Due Process. In social, interpersonal and professional interactions, we operate out of the principles of fairness, natural justice and the use of due process.