Our Executive Team

The Executive Team meets weekly to provide a regular and frequent forum addressing management matters as they emerge. It comprises; the Education Director, Business Operations Manager, Chair of College, and the Portfolio Holders of Early Childhood, Primary and High School.

An extension of the Executive Team is the Leadership Team, which includes members of the Executive, as well as the Portfolio Holders of Learning Support and Music. This group meets twice per term to consider education and leadership and whole school matters.

Lisa O’Donnell – Education Director

This role is to guide, educate and care for students; to give the community a place where its children can belong; to sustain the School; to ensure that all the team of the School strives for the students; to engender a belief in something bigger than the individuals within the School; to lead the School team and hold an umbrella over the whole school as a healthy, dynamic organisation. The purpose of the role is to facilitate the flourishing of others and to make adjustments so others can be their best. In this sense, the role is to be a conduit between the moving parts of the School that need constant attention to move in the right direction.


Tim Fry – Business Operations Manager

As the Business Operations Manager, I work with the Administration and Maintenance Team to support the Education area. Our team oversees the functions of administration, enrolments, camp logistics, marketing, finances, facilities, human resources, risk management and governance. I also hold the role of Company Secretary, supporting the Board in their duties.


Sean Daniel – Chair of College

Since taking my first class from year 3 to year 8, I have remained in the high school. This year, teaching class 7 is my main occupation, but I have also taught woodwork as well as one music class and I have been mentoring one of our staff to achieve their proficient teacher status. I have been a Board Director as well as the Chair of College for the past three years and it has been exceptionally rewarding, as well as challenging, to have been a part of the process that created our new management model and that recruited our new Education Director.


Gail Sprott – Early Childhood Portfolio

My time at Chrysalis has offered many opportunities although I have primarily been the teacher of River Song Kindergarten, I have also been a director on the board and College Chair. I am now the Early Childhood portfolio holder. This position continues to develop with its overall aim to support the growth, development of all aspects of early childhood at Chrysalis.


Claudia Alfaro – Primary Portfolio

For over a year now I have been in the evolving role of Curriculum Coordinator for Classes 1 to 5. This role was put in place to better support the teachers and students in the primary levels. The role has many different facets from mentoring teachers, working to implement current educational programs and professional development, as well as helping Lisa with school registration and recruitment, accreditation and LNAP. I continue to work in various classrooms where needed.


Jacqui Dutson – Learning Support Coordinator

As Learning Support Coordinator I collaborate with class teachers, LS aides, the learning support team and the leadership team in ensuring equitable access to a relevant curriculum for students with diverse learning needs in classes across the school. I am able to work with some students in a small group setting and very much enjoy the opportunity to modify teaching and learning to meet their particular needs. Working with parents and teachers, I facilitate Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings to build effective home/school partnerships. I am passionate about supporting children with learning differences and have been building my knowledge and skills in bringing multisensory structured language teaching and learning to enable ALL students to achieve success.


Kym Pitman – Music Coordinator

This role involves facilitating Music education at Chrysalis as a specialist programme that lives deeply within the pedagogy of the whole school and its links to the wider community. The role involves the coordination of instrumental tutoring, an extensive ensemble program and creative performance projects. The role also involves working with management, music staff, class teachers and parents to ensure the program runs smoothly and is well integrated into the broader education of the whole school experience.