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Chrysalis’ Life Long Education Programme

Sending your child to Chrysalis is not just about giving them an education! Chrysalis aims to provide experiences to deepen parent’s understanding of Steiner Education through a variety of experiential experiences and group interactions. Sign up to our newsletter to stay abreast of upcoming workshops.

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Term 3 parent talks

Building Social Understanding Through Working Holistically with Gender and Sexuality…

Rudolf Steiner spoke about the necessity in our age for human beings to develop a deeper relationship to and understanding of each other through our social interactions. This task takes on a greater importance as children enter adolescence. To support the work that the school is doing with students in Classes 5 to 8 in the classroom, there will be a parent information night at the St Margaret’s Anglican Church Hall.

  • Classes 5 to 8 – 30 August to 2 September (Specific date to be advised)

The Social Understanding and Healthy Relationships with Self and Others talk will highlight the growth and changes that occur during those years, including puberty and the physical and emotional changes that go hand in hand over this time, looking at ways to support the students through these changes.

Understanding Child Development…

Additional general development parent talks will be held at St Margaret’s Anglican Church Hall, run by Developing the Self, as part of the school’s Student Health and Wellbeing Program.

Melanie Deefholts has been supporting parents and teachers in various schools through adult education for the past 10 years. She specialises in understanding child development through observations of daily life and how to work with this in a living way within the home and the classroom. She works with parents, teachers and school management in private and group education and also works directly with young adults as a facilitator of the Social Understanding, Gender and Sexuality program for Developing the Self Developing the World. Melanie regularly works in various Waldorf Schools in Bellingen, Armidale, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Mullumbimby, Geelong various schools in Adelaide and Melbourne. 

Melanie will work with us as we support our children in their development and explore practical ways to navigate these years. This community striving not only supports our children but also helps prepare the adults for the unfolding milestones that are waiting to blossom ahead.

  • Early Childhood (Playgroup, Morning Star, River Song) – 30 August to 2 September (Specific date to be advised)
  • Classes 1 & 2 – 30 August to 2 September (Specific date to be advised)
  • Classes 3 & 4 – 30 August to 2 September (Specific date to be advised)

As parents and caregivers of young children, it is invaluable to explore child development relevant to your child and discover practical ways to support their wholistic growth and development within family life.

To maintain physical distancing and ensure we do not exceed maximum numbers for the space, RSVPs will be required in advance for all three talks. These talks are not suitable for children to attend. A baby under 9 months old happy to sit on a lap would be okay if there is no other support.

For those parents unable to attend in person, we are offering the option of receiving a link to listen to an edited recording of the session. Details will be sent out shortly.

Melanie will be available for private appointments while in Bellingen please contact her directly to arrange a time 0407327812.

Parent feedback
“I find it to be so insightful, humorous, uplifting and awakening in my parenting journey. I appreciate these opportunities to gather, enquire and reflect with the parent community with Melanie who has such a broad understanding of child development, classroom needs and parental culture. I’ve attended many of her talks over the years and each one offers another layer of reflection into the development and parenting of our children. I highly encourage attending her talks. Thank you for continuing to bring Melanie to our community.”