The celebration of the seasonal Festivals are an enriching part of the school’s cultural and community life. Through art, music, story and poetry, the children are helped to identify and recognise the changing rhythms of the earth.

This in turn builds and encourages a stronger connection with nature and the cosmos. Each festival has its highlights:

The Autumn Harvest Festival sees a bounteous gathering of mother nature’s treasures and the celebration of the “Michaelic” spirit as we move into the cooler months.

The Winter Festival incorporates beautiful lanterns that the children have prepared and decorated. These are carried through the darkness to a special place where a candle-lit spiral slowly emerges, lighting the way forward out of the darkness towards the warmer summer months.

The Spring Festival is celebrated with colour and dancing. This cheerful event sees the children weaving wreaths of delicate flowers to wear in their hair and it gives the upper primary children an opportunity to share their recorder playing with the whole school community as we dance and weave mysterious patterns on the Spring-time maypole.

High School students celebrate the festivals, either with the Primary School or in celebrations designed and prepared especially for the older students. Other cultural festivals such as the Jewish Hanuka celebrations and the Indian Diwali festival are celebrated throughout the year at Chrysalis School. These Festivals provide indispensable nourishment to the soul of our School community.