An Approach to Meet the Needs of this Age

Chrysalis’ Early Childhood Programs are specially created environments for children to discover learning in a nurturing and supportive way. The curriculum is based on the understanding that the child learns through imitation and creative play.

The openness of the young child; their reverence and their ability to absorb every nuance of what they experience, allows deep learning to occur. Through imitation they learn authentic home and garden skills, and develop artistic and musical capacities.

The child brings the capacity to imitate and also their own inner impulses to engage with the world in a unique, creative and potent way. This connecting together of what is experienced or revealed to the child about the world with the awakening and strengthening of the child’s essential individual impulses and gifts characterises a healthy education.

We believe that through our daily activities a strong foundation is laid for future academic success.

The daily rhythm provides reassurance and continuity, as well as trust building for the young child. This is provided through participation in the day’s activities; where songs and nursery rhymes cultivate familiarity with language and the world of words, where listening to stories and participating in dramatic play strengthens the power of memory and imagination, and where counting games and rhythms build a firm foundation for mathematics and number skills.

Ample time is provided for creative play so that the children may develop and strengthen their bodies, create healthy, long lasting social relationships, and develop a strong interest in the world around them.

Our Early Childhood Programs endeavour to meet the needs of the children. Morning Star and River Song Kindergartens follow NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the National Steiner Curriculum outcomes in readiness for the primary classes at Thora. Morning Star Kindergarten is for 5 year olds and River Song Kindergarten for 6 year olds.

At Chrysalis we also offer Playgroups for pre-kindergarten children that provide a safe and nurturing stepping stone for young children to meet the world outside their home, with ample time for free play and social interaction.