Chrysalis Playgroups provide a safe and nurturing stepping stone for young children to meet the world outside their home, with ample time for free play and social interaction.

It is important for the child to gradually awaken into our busy world in a gentle way. For parents and carers, we offer a space to learn, share and deepen their understanding of how to support their child in these early stages of life. We currently offer one session per week, Pitter Patter Playgroup, which is for children aged from toddlers to 4years at the Bellingen Children’s Centre.

Pitter Patter is a robust and full playgroup where we partake in simple yet special home-based activities, including singing songs, making bread and storytelling as well as indoor and outdoor play. Pitter Patter Playgroup is a warm and friendly space for parents and young children which offers a rhythmical morning of active play, learning songs, circle games, and creating space for  friendship and support to parents. We run one session on Thursdays: 10am- 12.30pm (2.5 hours). The termly cost is currently $165.

Playgroup programs are carefully considered to bring balance to the children in their experience of both directed and free initiative play. They offer children a broad range of appropriate experiences to build and balance a healthy sensory system.

They are offered in a consciously created environment that stirs in the young human being a lifelong love of learning, nurtured and encouraged from birth. In the same way that this education engenders a lifelong love of learning in the children, likewise a similar opportunity exists for parents to cultivate their own love of learning.

Chrysalis’ Playgroups are inclusive, open to families with diverse needs, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. If interested, please contact Chrysalis School by phone 02 6655 8616 or email to register.