At Chrysalis, sport is interwoven throughout the years, with Bothmer Gymnastics being a primary focus in the lower years, in conjunction with swimming and weekly structured sporting activities in the older years.

Bothmer Gymnastics plays a crucial role in the curriculum and is complimented by handwork, games, drama, class plays and all other lessons that utilize movement to augment the learning process. At Chrysalis, we are fortunate to have on staff a Bothmer and Extra Lesson Teacher who supports the class teachers with movement exercises, group rod work and games, designed for each age group.

As the children progress through the years, they become involved in the Water Safety program with swimming lessons both in the river and at Bellingen Swimming Pool, as well as surf lessons at Sawtell. Classes are often engaged in external sports on a Friday afternoon, including tennis, basketball, and fencing, in addition to the regular sporting activities on the school grounds and an annual athletics carnival.

Each year, our Class 5 students experience the Olympic ideal to strive and physically do their best through participating in their very own Greek Olympics hosted by Cape Byron Steiner School, and attended by other Steiner Schools in the NSW North Coast region.