Bothmer Gymnastics

Fun and Games: A Movement Training …

Bothmer Gymnastics was developed in accordance with the indications given by Steiner’s perspective of the Human Being and Child Development, focussing on the physical development and ‘will’ forces in the growing child. Bothmer Gymnastics plays a crucial role in the curriculum and is complimented by eurythmy, handwork, games, drama, class plays and all other lessons that utilise movement to augment the learning process.

Bothmer Movement underpins a specific view of the school’s curriculum. As the movement consciousness of the growing child develops; so do the chosen exercises, games and play which trace and support this development throughout the years. Movement training, according to the developmental stages of the child, is an important factor in Steiner Education.

Research into brain development (Brain Gym) and synaptic pathways, and the growing awareness of kinesthetic learners and their need for innovative techniques utilising movement, is revealing the depth and benefit of this curriculum.

Steiner indicated the importance of imaginative play and how this is to be nurtured for the child. With this, the focus is on having fun and learning important skills, many of which may be used to reinforce learning. Where possible, games involve everyone, and emphasise working together. All games have negotiable rules, and to negotiate is an important part of the games process for children under 11. The ‘game’ must remain fun for all, be inclusive and ‘fair’. Enjoyment and skill development must always have priority over ‘winning’.

At Chrysalis, we are fortunate to have on staff a Bothmer and Extra Lesson Teacher who supports the class teachers with movement exercises, group rod work and games, designed for each age group.

 “What is Bothmer?” an article by Paul Mathews