Individual Educational Learning Plans

The Individual Education Learning Plan is an important tool utilised by the Chrysalis Learning Support team. Tailored to the needs of each individual student, the IELP allows a school-wide integrated approach to learning issues faced by that student. The IELP is designed by teachers in collaboration with a team of individuals who are critical to the student’s educational success; this will include parents/caregivers and may include specialists and practitioners. Mainly IELPs are requested and put in place for children who have difficulties when it comes to learning and functioning inside the typical classroom environment. However, it may also be relevant to formulate a IELP when considering the needs of gifted students.

  • The IELP is based on the child’s needs and informs the planning, delivery and evaluation of an educational program.
  • It is a tool which assists us to deliver a targeted educational program to achieve appropriate learning outcomes for identified students with additional needs.
  • An IELP is a flexible living document that is reviewed and modified over time.