On this page you will find links to Chrysalis School Policies that relate to your child’s life within the learning community of Chrysalis Steiner School as well as policies concerning your role as a parent within the school community. 

In addition, here is a summary of important rules for parents to note on a daily basis:

  • Food – ensure that food brought to school is healthy with minimal packaging, and contains NO NUTS!  Children should bring healthy food
    to complement the wholesome rhythm of their day and in the interests of maintaining their good health. Processed food and foods high in sugar, salt and commercial fats and pre-packaged snack foods (including fruit drinks or flavoured milks) should not come to school.  We suggest a wholemeal/wholegrain sandwich/es or other nutritionally similar item, with fruit and a water bottle.
  • Attendance – all half or full day absences require the parents to notify the school by telephone on the morning of the absence and then provide a note on return to school.
  • Hats, Clothing and Shoes – all children must abide by the Chrysalis Dress Code.  Note that we follow the “No Hat, No Play” rule.  See Dress Code policy below.
  • Illness – please notify school of any infectious diseases and exclude child from school for the appropriate time.



  1. Enrolment Policy
  2. Student Attendance Policy
  3. Exemption from Attending School Policy

Student Welfare and General Safety

  1. Access Arrangements for Separated Parents and Guardians
  2. Disability Discrimination
  3. General Supervision Policy
  4. Playground Supervision and Inspection Policy


  1. Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Student Discipline (Behaviour Support)

  1. Student Discipline Policy
  2. Code of Conduct For Students

Reporting Complaints and Resolving Grievances

  1. Complaints Policy and Procedures
  2.  Whistleblower Policy

Privacy (these documents are links to the Chrysalis Policy Portal)

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Our Privacy Policy 
  3. Notifiable Data Breaches 

Safe Environment

  1. Child Protect Policy and Procedures 
  2. Inclement Weather Policy – Flood 2021
  3. Bushfire Preparedness Policy

Parent Code of Conduct

  1. Parent and Guardian’s Code of Conduct


Updated June 2024