Parents and Friends

“More recent research…is telling us that deeper forms of parent engagement with schooling…enhance student achievement and outcomes, close achievement gaps and build social capital and social inclusion.”

Danielle Cronin

The importance of parental and community involvement in schools has been well documented.  It impacts not only upon our children’s academic learning, but also their social and emotional development. At Chrysalis, parents are involved in many aspects of school life. From reading assistance in the classrooms, attendance on excursions and camps, sewing bees, working bees, serving/baking for the monthly market stall, to serving on the Board, parent volunteers are a key support to the school, both in day to day and overall operations. The Chrysalis P&F is committed to strengthening this engagement and supporting an enriching school journey for our children and families.

The Chrysalis Parents and Friends Association

… embodying community, connection and creativity

Who are we?

A dynamic group of engaged parents and community volunteers dedicated to supporting Chrysalis Steiner School and it’s student body through a range of exciting and valuable initiatives.

What do we do?

  • Match parent volunteers to rewarding projects
  • Organise and undertake fundraising
  • Support and facilitate parent special interest groups
  • Promote parent education and knowledge sharing
  • Coordinate social forums and events
  • Support existing school community activities such as festivals
  • Provide a forum for general feedback to school management

How can I get involved?

All parents and community members, new and old, with any level of skill or experience are welcome to attend.

We meet in Week Two, Week Five and Week Eight of each term, with alternate morning and evening meetings. Babies and young children are welcome at the morning meetings.

You might have a project in mind you would like to pursue, or we can help you find a position within the P and F which best suits your needs, preferences and skills.

For more information, view the school website on for the details of the next meeting, or email

Current Projects and Initiatives:

Chrysalis P & F Market Stall – At the monthly Bellingen Market.  Contact: Zai Cambray- 0488 355 999;

Chrysalis Craft Collective – Fundraising through selling Steiner crafted items. Contact: Sammi Cambray- 0418 950 793;

New Parent Welcome Committee – Including the Back to School Morning Tea. Contact: Kathryn Fairbanks- 0409 419 425;

Refreshments Committee – Serving Food and Drinks at the Autumn and Spring Festivals. Contact: Squaw Remond- 0415 476 245;

Indigenous Cultural Connection Working Group – Supporting and facilitating Indigenous Cultural experiences within the school. Contact: Monique Buggy- 0411 482 139;