Class Six

Last Phase of Childhood….

The Class Six child begins to experience the weight and inertia of their changing body. This sense of unease is echoed by the growing demands the world outside places on them. Homework deadlines, chores and other external demands pull at the last vestiges of their childish, dream-like inner world.

As they leave the study of Greek times and move into Roman times, the structural forms of bridges and aqueducts and the rules of debating and political structures are studied. The historical themes are balanced by creative, practical and physical explorations: movement, theatre, role-play, excursions and camps. Historical studies are integrated with English, the Arts, Geography and Science.

Students participate in longer camps in which they meet the broader landscape of their country and the seas, fossick for rocks and observe the night skies; all of which inspire them to balance the factual with the poetic in their writing.

The children recognise that the deeds of others are dependent on the conditions of their life. They are encouraged to increasingly take responsibility for their actions by considering the implications and consequences of rules in the home, classroom and society.


Year 6 Main Lessons: English; Mathematics; Local History; Local Geography; Geology; Astronomy (Science); Ancient Rome


  • Stories/myths from Ancient Rome
  • Grammar work: writing, editing, punctuation, parts of speech
  • Reading: novel study
  • Literature: the ballad


  • Fractions (continued)
  • Geometry of the circle (continued)
  • Decimals and percentages with fraction conversions
  • Business Maths

Science – Geology/Astronomy:

  • The Mineral Kingdom
  • Astronomy: sun, moon, planets and stars


  • Local environments: the Australian continent
  • History: the local story – Federation/ explorers
  • Ancient epochs: Alexander the Great – the Journey of Aeneas
  • Rome: the Birth of Empire, the Fall of Empire

Other subjects:

  • Craft/woodwork
  • Painting/drawing
  • Games: team sports
  • Music: singing/treble recorder – rounds/canons, harmony, part songs, individual instrument tuition
  • Drama: Class Play
  • Technology: typing, word processing, publishing, research

Outdoor education program for Class 6