Class Three

There is me and there is you…

A very significant step in self-awareness occurs during this year. Around the age of 9, the child begins to experience an awareness of being separate from their surroundings both human and physical. They form a distinction between an inner and an outer world.

Contrasting emotions stemming from this awareness often lead to confusion and insecurity. These can be expressed in marked changes of behaviour that vary considerably according to temperament and personality.

The images of the Old Testament, with its laws and guidance, foster inner security during this period and the Main Lesson blocks on farming, building and so on help the children to engage in a new relationship with their surroundings.


Class 3 Main Lessons: English (Old Testament); Mathematics; Farming; Building; Music; Grammar.


  • Stories from the Old Testament (4 Main Lessons)
  • Grammar Main Lesson
  • Reading groups
  • Cursive writing


  • Vertical algorithms
  • Imaginative stories for number processes
  • Times tables
  • Measurement: length, weight, time

Science (Living on Earth: Food and Shelter):

  • Farming: from sun and earth to our tables
  • Building a house: trades
  • Houses around the world

Other subjects:

  • Form drawing: four-way symmetry
  • Craft: crochet
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Games
  • Music: singing/recorder (introduction of major and minor); violin
  • Drama: Class Play

Outdoor education program for Class 3