Class Two

I can write my story too…

The Class Two child continues to dwell in a world of pictures, but these pictures now become entwined with their developing knowledge of written language. The letters that were introduced in Class One, each with its individual shape and story, now combine into whole words…

These words meet, quickly forming sentences, spreading through the child’s consciousness. The oral story, told daily by the teacher, now has a written companion, and the children are entranced by this discovery. In their continuing journey into story, the fable is the keynote for Class Two. Contrasting human qualities are revealed in these universal stories about the challenges faced by saints, everyday people and animals.


Class 2 Main Lessons: English; Mathematics; Science (Nature Studies)


  • Written texts from stories
  • Bank of sight words
  • Simple phonics: word families
  • Second half of year: first reader


  • Vertical algorithms
  • Imaginative stories for number processes
  • Times tables: using patterns and number lines
  • Place value: units, tens, hundreds, thousands

Science (Nature Stories):

Imaginative stories portray aspects of nature in general and the local environment in fairy tale form. Often teacher created or indigenous stories are told. The teacher also introduces journey stories to provide images of different environments; science becomes a narrative.

Other subjects:

  • Craft: knitting & purling and shaping on needles
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Games
  • Form drawing: vertical & horizontal symmetry
  • Music: singing/recorder (use of full octave)
  • Drama: Class Play

Outdoor education program for Class 2