Bellinger River ‘Clean’ Routine

We reminded Class 6 and 7 last Friday about the importance of hygiene around clothes/ equipment used in Bellinger River.

All clothes and equipment needs to be cleaned and dried before swimming in other rivers to avoid risk of cross contamination from turtle virus. Thorough cleaning of vehicles, boats, kayaks and canoes, boat trailers and equipment when moving from affected areas of the Bellinger River to unaffected areas or other waterways may significantly reduce the risk of transporting this virus.

When leaving the Bellinger River

  • Drain and wash boats and canoes with soapy water and dry thoroughly before re-use
  • Dispose of all biological material collected during cleaning in the general waste
  • Pay particular attention to hard to clean areas such as boots, wheel arches, undersides of kayaks and fishing gear
  • Ensure wash water does not enter any NSW waterway
More info at this link