Biodynamic Agriculture videos

Here, at Chrysalis, we work with biodynamic principles in our gardens and for our seasonal celebrations. If you don’t know a lot about biodynamics, or would like to be reminded, below are some links to four beautifully filmed youtube videos from the Biodynamic Association in the UK. Presented by Claire Hattersley, a Weleda gardener, and recorded at Weleda’s UK gardens. The aim of these films is to engage and empower everyone to garden. Total viewing time is around 25 minutes, quite divine viewing.

Video One: What is biodynamic gardening? 5mins

Video Two: Planting calendars 5:29mins

Video Three: Biodynamic preparations 7:05mins

Video Four: The wonder of soil and compost 4:40mins

The Biodynamic Agriculture Australia office is right here in Bellingen!