Chrysalis School’s Ongoing Response to COVID 19

Dear Parents,

The School continues to monitor the COVID 19 situation and develop its response.  In the immediate term, the Australian Government is insisting schools remain open (see  The same article makes mention of the building pressure to close schools, and Chrysalis School is making preparations for this outcome.

We are extremely sensitive to the concerns and anxieties of families and staff, as well as the consequences on families of closing School.  To that extent, we are seeking to navigate competing concerns as best we can and to prepare our Community for all eventualities.

We anticipate being able to provide online teaching resources from Monday, next week, for age appropriate students – Classes 6 to 8.  Our teachers have been working hard to facilitate this and these systems will build over the ensuing days as more and more information comes online.  We will send a separate email with information about this over the weekend.

Similarly, teachers of the Kindergarten and Classes 1 to 5 are preparing information to support home based learning for the younger years.

In the interim, we support family decisions to keep their children at home.  At present, nearly a quarter of our children are absent.  If you are intending to do this, please contact administration by email to advise such.

It could be that School will be closed, regardless.  In this situation, we will continue to support online education and regular information to support home based learning.  We will, however, not be able to provide care at School and parents/carers should prepare contingencies for that event.

There is no doubt we are in very unusual circumstances and things are changing constantly.  We thank you for your understanding and continued support.  The strength of our Community is invaluable for navigating these difficult times.

Kind regards,

Kelley McGlashan
Education Director
Chrysalis Steiner School