Class 5 Term 3

Class 5 have recently returned from the Greek Olympics, which is an annual event for the Class 5 Steiner students in the northern region of NSW.  Ancient Greece is predominant within the Class 5 Steiner curriculum, and the Greek Olympics provides an opportunity for the students to experience how the ideals of beauty, grace and physical strength were celebrated in this period.  It also provided a wonderful opportunity for our Class 5 students to meet and relate to students from other Steiner schools.

Term 3 is also the term for the Class 5 play.  Our play is based on the Ancient Greek stories of ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’, which were written by the infamous Greek philosopher ‘Homer’.  Our play is a collection of three parts, which present each successive component of this epic story.  We look forward to presenting this to the school on the last day of term.

Term 3 has also seen the commencement of a woodwork project or a Greek themed mosaic, both of which the students are thoroughly enjoying…and this is really just a snapshot of our term.

The Steiner curriculum provides such a range of rich experiences that are so beautifully aligned with the developmental needs of the child.  It is no doubt that former students often have such fond memories of their schooling experiences.