Class 7 are off to an Island in the Sun

Class 7 left on their big adventure this week to Lady Musgrave Island. They will be away for 12 days in all, 7 of which will be spent on this little drop of coral in the big ocean. The Island Camp is one of the jewels in the crown of the Chrysalis Camp program. That such a complex, lengthy and rich camp experience is even possible is mainly due to the fact that the Chrysalis camp program has developed capacity and experience in the class every year since that first camp at Bundagen in Year 1. (See the picture below) Follow this link to read more about the Chrysalis Camp program and it’s founding philosophy. We believe it is one of the finest outdoor education programs of any school in Australia. All of this is done with school fees that are a fraction of what a large private school would charge and this would not be possible without the devotion and generosity of the parents who have given up their time to be on this camp and make it possible. A huge thank you to Mat Birch, Emma Diamond and Donovan Craig for helping out Jane and Sean.