Class 8 Student Shakespeare Sonnet’s

At the conclusion of their Shakespeare main lesson Class 8 are asked to write a sonnet. Here are a couple for you to enjoy…


Dark clouds swirl far above the highest trees

The rain flies down and puddles in the grass

The wind attacks the trees and releases leaves

Lightning cracks the sky to fragmented glass.

The storm hurls down golf-ball sized chunks of hail

The eye of the storm spelling certain doom

The wind picks up to the speed of a gale

Mist hangs in the air, creating a gloom.

The deafening crack of thunder echoes

Tree roots fail as giants fall to the ground

Lightning spears objects into a freak show

Thunderous cracks create enormous sound.

As the end approaches, the storm dies down,

The ear-splitting thunder ceases to pound.

Aiden Street – Class 8 Student



Among the beings on this big planet

There creeps a few that take without giving

One such creature is the modern-day pet.

Keeps taking your life, to keep on living

Guests at every meal, they come empty handed

Injecting their poison, weakening prey

There’s no getting rid of them once they’ve landed

Lying, festering, you crumble away.

They suck your blood and gorge on your clean flesh

Infecting your blood-stream and passing on

To their next victim and starting afresh.

They hollow you out and then they’re gone.

They are alive and thriving, fully fed,

Before you realize it, you are dead.

Seth Harfield – Class 8 Student