Education Director role

We are seeking a strategic, dynamic and inspirational School Leader to transform Chrysalis Steiner School’s vision into reality.

Our vision is guided by a deep sense of connection with Anthroposophy, where we seek to implement its principles within our teaching and building of community.

We are a school that celebrates the child and the child’s place in the land and in the community. We endeavour to develop free individuals capable of creating their own purpose and direction.

The Education Director will strive to work from the principles of anthroposophy within the school to;

  • guide, educate and care for students,
  • give the community a place where its children can belong,
  • sustain the School,
  • lead the staff and ensure they strive for the students,
  • engender a belief in something bigger than the individuals within the School,
  • inwardly hold the school in which students learn and grow.

The new Education Director will continue to develop the School as a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community that provides opportunities for growth and connection.

The Education Director reports directly to the Board of Governors and works in partnership with the College of Teachers and an Executive Team to provide strong strategic leadership and effective management. You will have professional standing in the Steiner education sector as a leader with a proven record of pedagogical leadership as well as proven capability in collaborating with the College of Teachers to develop and deliver a vision for Steiner education. The successful applicant will be a registered teacher and possess strong commitment and support for the Steiner educational philosophy and a willingness to work with this as a core aspect of the School’s functioning.

About the School: Chrysalis Steiner School is located in the beautiful Thora Valley, near the township of Bellingen in New South Wales. The School is founded on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and aims to educate the whole person – intellectually, artistically, socially, and to help develop physical capabilities – to develop each student’s innate self-discipline and strength of body and will.  The School offers classes from K – 8, as well as K-1 at a separate campus in Bellingen.

Contact: Please contact our Board Chair, Gary Davis, on 0429 181 434 or to request an application package or to enquire further about the role.

Applications Close: 26th August 2019.