Enormous fundraising success – well done Class 6

Dear Colleagues, Parents and Friends,

On behalf of myself and Class 6, an enormous heartfelt thanks for the overwhelming show of support for the Class 6 Fundraising event on Friday. The Cake Stall raised just over $360.00. In this success, many seeds for future endeavours of giving have been planted.

It has been my intention for my students to understand the true value of money, where ever you live in the world. For Class 6 to begin to understand that money holds different value for each individual they needed to experience, in a very tangible way what $5 means here in Bellingen and what $5 means if you are a child living in South Africa – Swaziland.

Class 6 are aiming to provide food supplements for a year for a family living in Swaziland, or perhaps a water tank. They are delighted that they have already achieved ‘seedlings and basic gardening tools’ for a number of families living in Swaziland. Who knows, perhaps one day they will travel to Swaziland or elsewhere in the world, and see the benefits of their efforts?

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks for supporting this endeavour. Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more enterprises, in a different guise to come!!!

With gratitude,

Liz and Class 6