Head lice – A community approach.

Head lice can quickly become an ongoing nuisance for families as our students are in close contact with one another on the bus, in the classroom and in the playgrounds. They are a normal part of school life and whilst not life threatening or disease causative they are irritating, can cause sleep loss and are time-consuming to manage.

To promote and embrace a community approach can all parents work together by creating a rhythm of checking/treating their children regularly for head lice by applying lots of white coloured conditioner, and combing through with a lice comb (long tined ones are best for most hair types), and then wiping the combings onto a tissue. Older children could do this for themselves

If lice or live nits (nits are the eggs) are found then treatment must occur before your child returns to school. Treatment can consist of a thorough combing out of head lice and live eggs using the conditioner for ease of combing and to ‘catch’ the lice and nits.

Sunday night, when we are all having quiet time after the weekend and re-establishing school rhythm, is a good night to do a regular check and comb out of hair – even if your child is not scratching. And then another comb through every Wednesday should help to reduce head lice school-wide.

There is some useful info at this link: