An Introduction To Rhythmic Massage

During this introductory talk, immediately after the week 4 assembly on Thursday May 19th (9:30am), Charlotte will give an overview of the benefits and theory behind Rhythmic Massage – a treatment co-created by Rudolf Steiner.

Where we find weakened human rhythms for whatever reason, we find ill health. The Hauschka rhythmical massage addresses the rhythmical processes in the body,  in the circulatory and respiratory systems and working via the warmth organisation, brings all bodily functions such as digestion and excretion etc, into equilibrium and harmony. Each cell feels the effect of a new path of streaming warmth and as a result, the human being’s guiding principle, the ego, can organise itself anew.

With rhythmical movements and specific forms that engage the patient’s own healing forces, the rhythmical massage strengthens the middle rhythmic system countering imbalances in the strength of intellect or the will, the metabolic limb system and thereby reconnects the individual to the greater cosmic rhythms so necessary for life. The massage movements stimulate life giving forces and when specifically directed, can support weakened organs.

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research, this new rhythmical massage was developed by Drs. Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka. Rhythmical massage is suitable for everyone from babies, children and teenagers through to adults and the elderly.

Charlotte Rogers:
Charlotte Rogers studied Rhythmic Massage in Germany and has worked with adults and children as massage therapist  for 30 years in her own private practice.
She a registered practicing general nurse who has completed extra training in Anthroposophical nursing. In her health practice in Bellingen she offers  Anthroposophical nursing treatments such as foot baths, organ compresses, bath therapy and rhythmical body oilings.