Who makes up the Chrysalis Association and Board?

The Chrysalis Association
You may or may not realise that the Chrysalis Board is elected from amongst the parents and teachers by the Chrysalis Association. So who is this mysterious association? The truth is it could be you. The association is comprised of up to 30 people drawn from the parents and staff of Chrysalis. At present we have 21 members, with many of our long standing members leaving in the last year as their children graduate. Would you be interested in joining? It involves very little actual work. Its main work is to elect the Chrysalis Board
The Chrysalis Board
If you are interested in participating in the governance of the school at a deeper level, it can be very satisfying to bring your talents to our School Board. It might even help you add a few strings to your professional skills. Service on the Chrysalis Board allows you to work with a longer term vision of the school, participating in the stewardship of the school and protecting it for the benefit of future generations.
And it all begins with the association, so if you are interested please contact the school office.