Ode to the Forest

In case you missed it in the newsletter, we wanted to share something very special. This is a soundcloud link where you can hear “Ode to the Forest.” This beautiful song was written by our music students on their Fiddlers in the Forest Music Camp earlier this year in collaboration with Kym Pitman. You may remember the lyrics we published in the winter edition of Emerge. The song was recorded in the School Hall by the Chrysalis String Ensemble with the help of local recording engineer, musician and Chrysalis parent, Scott Collins. The senior String Ensemble students Paloma, Romany, Angel, Hugo and Phoebe from Class 7 were then lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel into Bellingen to record overdubs in Scott’s home studio. The song was mixed down earlier this term and now we want to share the results with you. Just click on the link above and be prepared to be amazed.  What a great way to top off an amazing year of achievements for the music department at Chrysalis. Congratulations to all involved.