Raising Stress-Proof Kids: Parenting Today’s Children for Tomorrow’s World

Chrysalis School is excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase Dr. Shelley Davidow’s book Raising Stress Proof Kids at a reduced price of $20, with proceeds assisting the school library.

Please purchase from the school office by cash or credit card.

A compelling and informative guide for every parent, ‘Raising Stress – Proof Kids’ offers an eye – opening view on how the unhealthy and unnecessary stresses of our educational systems as well as outdated perspectives on parenting affect our children. Drawing on cutting – edge research from the Institute of HeartMarth, California, as well as the author’s own extensive experience in working with children and teens, it offers practical advice on how we can significantly and positively impact the lives of our children as they move through developmental phases and become mature, self – regulated and composed beings ready to succeed in our increasingly complex world.

About the author (2014)

Shelley Davidow (MSEd) is a teacher, author and trained facilitator in Restorative Practice. She has taught students ages five to eighty in a wide variety of settings. She runs workshops internationally on the impact and management of stress at home, in the workplace, and in the classroom. With her focus on social and emotional health, Shelley has worked across the USA, the UK, and Australia in schools conducting readings, workshops, and facilitating discussions with young people on the many issues they confront.

An award-winning author of thirty-eight books, which range from children s fiction to adult non-fiction, her titles have been set at schools across the world. She lives on the east coast of Australia with her family and several noisy kookaburras.