School Bus Flashing Lights Campaign

Did you know that by law you must slow down to 40km/h when bus lights are flashing?

As our students start the 2020 school year, the NSW Government and your local school bus operator Busways are reminding parents, teachers and other motorists about this law which is designed to keep our kids safe.

Lights begin to flash when the bus stops and the doors open, and they keep flashing for 20 seconds after the doors close. Children are most at risk in the minutes after they get off the bus as the can be unpredictable in their movements.

Drivers should look out for children who are crossing the road or waiting to cross. Lights flash on buses to warn motorists that buses are picking up and dropping off children. By law, a driver must not overtake or pass a bus with flashing lights at more than 40km/h.

As young children are still developing skills around road safety, drivers should take care around bus stops where children might want to walk across the road.

Fines of up to $275 and three demerit points can apply if a motorist is caught going more than 40km/hr when passing a bus with its flashing lights on.

Motorists can help reduce the risk of a crash and keep children safe by:

  • Slowing down to 40km/h when bus lights are flashing,
  • Looking out for children crossing the road near bus stops, in school zones or along bus routes, and
  • Giving way to buses when they merge back into traffic.

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