Sexuality and Gender For Adolescents – a talk for parents and carers.

This talk by James Deefholts,  is happening on Tuesday June 9th at Morning Star at 7pm. Although it is intended for parents of Class 6 & 7 students, all interested parents are welcome to attend.

Adolescence is often a confusing time as there are many physical and emotional changes which occur in the young human being. Like other stages of child development, it is useful for the adults surrounding and  supporting a child to have an understanding of the milestones that accompany each stage.
Some of the areas that will be addressed are: child development: emotional and physical experiences from 0-16 ½; physical signs of puberty; emotional changes during puberty; gender conditioning in society.
In this talk James will give an outline of the Class 6, 7 and 8 Sexuality and Gender talks which will occur in term 2. This will provide parents with an opportunity to inwardly  prepare for discussions with their children which may arise out of the material.
This talk is also suitable for anyone with an interest in child development, sexuality and gender. Tuesday 9th June, 7pm at Morning Star