Spring Festival 2022

Thank you to all of you who were able to be a part of our Spring Festival on Wednesday.  The Greek meaning for Festival is ‘Shining Day’ and together with the support, collective working together and contribution from the wider school community we created a ‘Shining Day’ which enabled us all to ‘shine’ together in a myriad of ways and forms.
A Festival can only thrive with a community-driven spirit full of like-minded people and the energy of a buzzing connected crowd creating a contagious energy of warmth and delight. This energy rippled through our school on Wednesday and through true community spirit we were able to breathe life and love into our school and provide a joyful experience for the children that will fill them up for many days to come. I truly hope that you were also able to enjoy our Festival and revel in the true triumphs of Spring.
Many thanks for your contribution and being a part of our incredible school. Enjoy your holidays!
In warmth and celebrations!!!