Student Residential Address Collection

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training is currently undertaking the 2017 Student Residential Address Collection. As a parent/guardian you do not need to provide any information directly to the department. The only thing you need to do is ensure your address details are up-to-date with our school. If you need to update your child’s/children’s residential address details, please contact the School office.

We will provide the department with de-identified address information for all of our students’ families. This means we will provide addresses but no student names. The Statement of Addresses notice which we recently wrote about in the school newsletter provides more information.

Frequently Asked Questions from parents:

Why is the collection being done?

The department is collecting student residential addresses for all non-government schools. This is part of a routine process that occurs approximately every four years, with the last collection undertaken in 2012. The collection is done in line with the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population and Housing Census. With the Census data being released later this year, it is timely for the department to update its data.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! You don’t need to provide any information to the department – our school will do this on behalf of all of our students’ families. However, please make sure your address details are up-to-date with our school.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes. The school provides the department with de-identified student residential addresses. The department will not see personal information that identifies individual families.