Term 2 Music Assembly 2018

Yesterday saw Maam Gamambiya (our School Hall) fill with the ​beautiful sounds of the string ensemble, C​lass 4 violins, Class 1 and 2 singing, our senior quartet and an impressive array of solo and duo performances (as seen below) at our fist Music Assembly of the year. We thank friends and families for coming out to the Thora Valley and supporting the children with their efforts. And, as Jacquie Gill, one of our fabulous strings teachers pointed out – thank you for supporting your children with the continued excellence and dedication to instrument practice. Without that, the sounds would not have been as outstanding as they were. Keep up the good work everyone!

A parent’s reflection: “What an incredible music scene! A HUGE thank you to all the music staff and supporting teachers! I felt so impressed! Yay for Chrysalis!”

Chrysalis Ensemble – conducted by Jacquie Gill

Class 1 singing with Kath Derrin

Class 4 violins with Jacquie Gill

Class 5 students, Olivia and Ellyanah, on cello with Victoria Christie

Class 5 student, Alex, and Class 6 student, Edan, on violins with Kym Pitman accompanying

Class 2 singing with Kath Derrin

Class 7 student, Darcy, on piano

Class 7 & 8 singing with Linda Cochrane, accompanied by Kym Pitman

Class 8 student, Lily, on violin with Jacquie Gill

Senior Quartet, Lily, Aaliyah, Freya and Lydia, accompanied by Jacquie Gill