The Three Rs: Routines, Rituals and Rhythm.

 “The body’s ability to self-regulate and adapt is closely linked to the coordination and interaction of the chronological rhythms that make life possible. In early childhood, cultivating daily rhythms is especially important because the infant’s ability to regulate rhythmic functions is still undeveloped and needs support and stimulation”.

A Guide to Child’s Health
 Dr Michaela Glockler,
At this talk, Rowena will introduce the fundamentals of her book, The Three Rs. The Three Rs’ is a very practical resource designed for busy parents of children aged 2 to 12 years. It offers easy to apply tips and strategies on how to organise your family life by using routines, rituals and rhythm – especially helpful at those demanding times such as getting ready in the morning, after school, homework time, meal times and bed time.
Whatever a family’s make up, children thrive within a stable environment. By following a few simple steps, you can create a calmer, more orderly daily life for your family, while enjoying your own unique brand of togetherness and shared values.
All children can, and will, benefit from routines, rituals and rhythm.
Talk by Rowena Parkes
Date: Friday 27th February.
Venue: Maam Gamambiya (Chrysalis School Hall)
Time: 10:30am following the week 4 assembly
*Performances by Class 2, 3 & 6*
Rowena Parkes runs a parenting and education service based in Coffs Harbour which provides a private training and coaching consultancy to help parents and teachers to achieve the best outcomes for children, within families and schools. Her approach is based on the latest research, backed up by 30 years experience of working with children and adults. She has a strong track record in training and assessing teachers, facilitating workshops in professional development, and providing expert consulting to parents and families.
Rowena feels passionate about the vital years of childhood. This is a formative time, and what we do as educators and parents can make a big difference. In her parenting and professional development workshops she treats everyone as both a teacher and learner, acknowledging that all bring something important to the group.
Working with families, Rowena helps parents to apply practical strategies that reduce the stress in family life today, providing positive alternatives for those seeking to change parenting habits that aren’t working.