Italian Feast for Class 6

What a beautiful, engaging welcome back to school for Class 6 yesterday as part of the school's first week back to face-to-face learning! Kelley embraced her new role as Class 6 teacher by helping the students create an Italian Feast to celebrate the end of their Roman main lesson.

Music online

Our Music program has commenced online this term. This has enabled all students from Classes 3 to 8 the opportunity to continue their music lessons during the break from face-to-face teaching. These lessons have been 1:1 via Zoom with all of our music teachers and tutors working hard to ensure that these lessons are engaging and beneficial through this new medium. So far we have had really positive feedback from parents and students and it is wonderful that our music program has been able to continue. George in Class 5 engrossed in his online keyboard lesson with Linda

A teacher’s experience in remote learning

Our teachers have delved deep into a whole new way of presenting the Steiner curriculum and engaging with their students. We asked Lyndal, the Class 4 teacher, to give us some insight into her recent experiences and to share some of her students' work. Here is what she had to say: As the class 4 teacher, I have had good feedback from parents regarding the quality of resources and support with online learning at Chrysalis. Parents have commented how lovely it is to hear the teacher's voice and how the stories are both entertaining and informative. The given structure allows…

Transition 1 – Week 4

Beginning Monday 18th May our students will gently transition to face-to-face learning. Please contact the school if you are unsure which day your child has been allocated.

Chrysalis Transition Pathway for student return

From Monday 18th May, Chrysalis will begin its staged reintroduction of face-to-face teaching for all students, through our Transition Pathway.   Read the full letter to parents here.

A message from Emma, our camps coordinator

Good afternoon to the lovely Chrysalis Community, I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves during this strange time we find ourselves in. I have been keeping myself busy with copious adventures to the beach and in the bush but missing everyone greatly. I wanted to write to you to share what has been happening behind the scenes in terms of Camps. At this stage we are unsure when we will be back at school, I am hoping and manifesting that it will be for Term 3, in which case camps will go ahead as normal. If we need…

Chrysalis School Association invitation

The Board invite applications to join the Chrysalis School Association. Members of the Association elect Directors and oversee the corporate aspects of the School, consistent with the Company's Constitution. It is also the main pathway to becoming a Director. Membership is limited and determined by the Board. If you believe you have the skills and experience which would benefit the Association, and a vision for the School, the Board would encourage you applying. The application form is linked here. Applications are considered at the next Board Meeting, following their submission. The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for 7th April…

Welcoming native bees to our school!

Bees, these creatures of the sun, help many of our food crops to multiply, and at the same time show us the state of our souls: “The entire beehive is actually permeated with love life” observed Rudolf Steiner. Bees are an image of the spiritual power that lends dignity to freedom: for the power of love that wants to become effective. At Chrysalis, we are have successfully acquired a Junior Landcare grant to support and implement the 100 Hives in 100 Schools project in our school. This project aims to raise the profile of Native Bees for future generations and…

School may be Closing. Now What?

A little planning can help make this difficult time easier. With massive public closures to prevent the spread of COVID 19, some 300 million students around the world are currently home from school for what could be weeks. This will certainly be a stressful time for many families, but with a little planning and imagination, it can also be a time to to make memories, explore, imagine, learn, and play! Here are tips, advice, and ideas for low-screen, commercial-free options to keep kids engaged – and yourself sane – through quarantine or social distancing. (And remember: wash those hands!) Have…

Chrysalis School’s Ongoing Response to COVID 19

Dear Parents, The School continues to monitor the COVID 19 situation and develop its response.  In the immediate term, the Australian Government is insisting schools remain open (see  The same article makes mention of the building pressure to close schools, and Chrysalis School is making preparations for this outcome. We are extremely sensitive to the concerns and anxieties of families and staff, as well as the consequences on families of closing School.  To that extent, we are seeking to navigate competing concerns as best we can and to prepare our Community for all eventualities. We anticipate being able to provide…