Class 7 Term 1 2018

The start of Term 1 saw Class 7 continue their journey with new teachers, Lynn Jensen and Tim Fry, taking over from Liz Sheppard. We also welcomed a new teacher’s aid; Sam Taylor, and the class grew to 23 students, with newcomers Darcy, James, Tara and Lucas.

The three main lessons for Term 1 were; The Middle Ages, Algebra and Geometry, and The Human Body (Physiology).

In their studies of the Middle Ages, the students learnt about the turbulent times following the fall of the Roman Empire. As the feudal system became established and Christianity spread through Europe, order and chivalry began to re-emerge, however, clashes with the Muslim world and the Black Death added to the difficulties of life in these times. Ultimately, these travails contributed to the end of the Middle Ages, freeing peasants from the feudal system and bringing goods and knowledge that would lead Europe out of the darkness. One such body of knowledge was Algebra.

In the Algebra main lesson Class 7 learnt the history of the “language of mathematics”. This main lesson is an introduction of the topic which will be explored in further detail over the next couple of years (and beyond). It starts the students on a journey of abstract thinking, moving beyond the more concrete concepts learnt hereto.

The big changes students are learning about in respect to the world coincide with their own physical experiences. In the Physiology main lesson, the class looked at three of the body’s main systems; circulatory, respiratory and digestive. The students undertook numerous investigations observing their own bodies.

During the term there was also additional work in mathematics and English (including a book and film study), as well as music, IT and social values. We ended the term with an excursion to Coffs Harbour, where we had fun on the slides at the Big Banana and prepared for our Term 2 camp to Lady Musgrave Island by testing our snorkelling gear and technique at the Jetty.

Tim and Lynn