Class 8 project presentation evening

Gather this Friday 2 November from 6pm to take in the the beautiful presentation tables in Maam Gamambiya (the school hall), followed by the students presenting their achievements from 6:30pm.

The Year 8 students have been working hard during the last few terms. Each individual has chosen a topic that they were interested in or felt that they would like to learn more about.

Here is the list of projects for this year:

  • Lydia – animal tracking and rescue
  • Joey – motorbike restoration
  • Sienna – yoga teacher training
  • Aaliyah – vegetarian cooking and gardening
  • Lily – tiny house building
  • Freya – writing and performing a monologue
  • Reuben – tennis coaching
  • Jude – hairdressing
  • Elena – cake decorating
  • Samuel – boat building
  • Catrine – photography
  • Marley – pushbike restoration


Come and support the students as they celebrate their efforts! It’s also particularly great for the younger years to be inspired in advance of their own Year 8 journey…