Student Residential Address Collection 2019

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training will shortly be undertaking the 2019 Student Residential Address Collection. As a parent/guardian you do not need to provide any information directly to the department. The only thing you need to do is ensure your address details are up-to-date with our school. If you need to update your child’s/ children’s residential address details, please contact the School office BEFORE next Tuesday, 19th February.

We will provide the department with de-identified address information for all of our students’ families. This means we will provide addresses but no student names. The Statement of Addresses notice below provides more information, as well as the separate FAQs document.

On 20 September 2018 the Government announced that it will implement a new methodology used in the calculation of the Commonwealth’s needs-based funding arrangements for non-government schools. This will be the first Student Address Collection under the new system.